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Our mission is to make opera and classical music accessible through free events, public venues, and engaging programming. But we can't do that without financial support from grants and loyal supporters like you!

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A new way to experience opera


We have been hard at work this winter crafting a new series just for you!

Storyteller is the new series by Overdressed that takes you through an entire opera all while keeping the fun, relaxed environment you have come to love from us.

This summer, our feature show is Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance!

Bring your lawn chairs and follow this chaotic, funny, swashbuckling adventure featuring all the best songs.

Sung by a quartet of fabulous singers with Elizabeth at the piano, the story is knit together by the narrator, the Pirate King himself! We may have removed some music, but this show lacks none of the original drama!

A family friendly adventure, we need your help to fund one more show this summer. Donate now to help bring another fabulous Overdressed adventure to life!

Thanks to all our donors!

The Jack and Arlene Schumann Foundation

Tatiana Peden

Dennis Kenny

Deb and Ken Schultz

Emily Boyajian


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